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Chernobyl Children in Need(CCIN) was formed in 1999 to help to alleviate children's suffering in areas of Belarus still affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.

Chernobyl Children in Need raises money needed to fund projects to advance the welfare of children.  The Charity funds innovative projects using donated resources from companies and individuals within the UK. These projects are for schools, hospitals and orphanages in the surrounding area that could not otherwise take place. Chernobyl Children in Need is a registered charity.
By contributing to Chernobyl Children in Need(CCIN) you will be funding sustainable projects that help affected children to lead a more positive, and fruitful life.
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What we do
CCIN raises funds to help alleviate children's suffering in a region of Belarus through sponsorship, building and improvement projects, humanitarian aid shipments and respite holidays.

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Who do we help
The Charity helps children with disabilities and in poverty to realize their potential through education, training, personal development and therapy.

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